What style and craft should an Italian superior shirt convey?

From the collar, front, sleeve , cuff and hem, presenting a natural and balanced artistic style through the version and process.

Inner collar lining will increase comfort which is the main mark of superior shirt.

a shirt

Back collar groove will make collar simple folding, so that contributing more durable, less deformation and extra comfort.

Crescent cuff

the classic symbol of Naples style, revealing the fabulous taste.

Deep-sea fritillaria buttonslightly cool drop hand with excellent luster which is the most obvious identification of high-grade shirt from cheap shirt.a sleeve button

Hem head reinforcement for beauty and strongness.

Sleeve shape hand embroidery contributes unique artwork.

What are the differences between the Linings of Italian style?

Elegant streamlineStreamlined collar folding line, along with outer arc and outer sleeve contour line, offering gentry elegant balance.

Full CanvasItis the default process of all high-end suit brands(Scabal,Dorsilk,etc.).
It is the soul of natural and elegant suits. TAILOR SAGE rejects cheap fusible linings.

Italian wide barge headClassic Italian collar, timeless beauty of the golden age.

Natural shoulderClassic Italian craft creates cozy fitting with natural shoulder line.

Italian soft structureThe light and soft structure express the originator of Italian style for leisurely wearing experience.

Rolling barge headNaturally raised, rather than ironed, it’s a hallmark distinction between high craftsmanship and cheap ones.

Handmade Milan patternCompared to the flat machine sewn pattern, it is fuller and more charning.

Boat breast bagThe classic sign of Italian Naples style,  can better reveal host savour.

Horn or seashell buttonsNatural material with unique texture.

Suit liningA charming”difference” reveals the inner world of men.

Handmade cuff buttonholesA costly custom suit is inseparable from the tailor’s pursuit of details in all parts.
From the size and fabric to the buttonhole, the superior and exquisite stitching is reflected eyeful.

Unique name embroideryExclusive name goes up in embroider of delicate advanced business suit,
just like the beautiful surprise that icing on the cake with fabulous vision.

TAILOR SAGE is 100% customized to guarantee the fit, while providing the balance and style of the all-linen lining suit. Why does the Italian tailor can make a suit that fits better than 99% of so-called tailoring by only viewing a single photo? Because of knowing balance and style. Customized suits are not sculpted exactly according to a person’s body size, but rather a finely crafted and balanced fit that can be implemented on each individual to achieve the beauty of style. While ensuring the fit, we respect the original Italian pattern and craftsmanship to better present the balance and style of Italian suits.

1. Introduction of Italian tailor’s elaborate patterns and techniques (all-linen lining, soft structure and other suit techniques; bottom collar without sticky lining, misaligned upper sleeve and other shirt techniques);

2. Modeling based on 200,000 young American men’s real body shape data;

3. Precise judgment of size and body shape features of shoulder, chest, back, waist, hip and leg;

4. Individual fit adjustment for each suit by the most experienced tailors in the workshop, who combine style aesthetics and technology.

Customization cycle 15 business days for shirts, 20 business days for suits, trench coats and overcoats. Business days means excluding weekends and national holidays. Some fabrics need to be transferred from the UK or Italy, which extends 5-7 business days. Please contact us if you have special requirements on delivery date. TAILOR SAGE products are crafted by tailor workshop (not large OEM), while the process is complicated and the cycle is long, please kindly understand that.